The advantages of invisible hole PU flat weft

  1. Longer lifespan: Ethically sourced 100% virgin human hair. Can last a full year with proper care.

  2. No mixed short return hair: The invisible hole PU flat weft have NO short return hair on the weft, because hair is integrated into the polyurethane base, that prevents hair from matting. Hair length is matched as much as possible for the seamless style.

  3. Cut Freely: It can be cut and shaped to fit your head perfectly, which means that you can achieve a seamless and natural-looking result.

  4. Soft & Flexible: The invisible hole PU flat wefts are ultra thin, approximately 1mm soft and flexible. This will allow you to get rid of bulkiness.  In addition, the polyurethane base is strong enough, and will not break, cause any irritation or discomfort when wearing.

  5. Minimal Damage To Your Own Hair

    The invisible hole PU flat weft allows you to target and pull hair through small holes, away from the scalp in the direction of hair growth. This leads to far less tension and little to no pressure on your client's hair. The tiny beads that secure the hair are hidden and protected in between the envelope of the hair extensions which will avoid slippage, they sit flat, very discreet, and are 90% more secure than other types of reusable hair extensions. No need to worry about twisting or slippage over time.