How To Use And Remove Tape In Hair?

How To Use And Remove Tape In Hair?

1.Separate a part of your hair horizontally just around your ears.

2.Make sure a section has been selected.

3.Tape one piece of hair extensions under sectioned hair about 1/4 inch from the scalp, and peel the tape cover off.

4.Use a comb through the tape area and make sure it is flat.

5.Take a second tape hair piece strip and press it firmly towards the under pieces.

6.Apply pressure with fingers for 5-10s to secure two tape wefts held together.

1.Use a few drapes of remover between the two strands applied

2.Wait about one minute and put the upper down first

3.Spray remover again it needed

4.Put another piece down ,rub it with your fingers to remove the glue residue