How to install remy u tip hair

How To Install Remy U Tip Hair Extensions

  1. Prepare your hair: Use a tail comb to section your hair horizontally, creating a clean part about an inch above the nape of your neck. Clip the upper sections of hair away using sectioning clips.

  2. Create a small section of hair: Take a small section of your natural hair that matches the width of the U-tip extension. This section should be slightly smaller than the U-tip itself.

  3. Apply heat protectant spray: Spray a heat protectant product on the small section of hair to shield it from heat damage during the installation process.

  4. Place the U-tip extension: Take a virgin U-tip extension and position the U-shaped bond at the root of the small hair section. Make sure the bond is aligned with the scalp, leaving a small gap to avoid any tension.

  5. Apply heat: Using a heat fusion tool specifically designed for U-tip extensions, apply heat to the bond. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the recommended temperature and duration.

  6. Fuse the bond: While maintaining gentle pressure, hold the heated bond in place for a few seconds to allow the keratin adhesive to melt and bond with your natural hair.

  7. Repeat the process: Continue the process of sectioning your hair, taking small sections and attaching the U-tip extensions using the same method. Work your way up to the desired areas, leaving enough space between each extension to avoid tension on the scalp.

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