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How to Prevent Split Ends?

Today let’s talk about hair split ends. And by the way, I’ll give you some tips to deal with it.   Why hair split ends? The outermost layer of the...

Today let’s talk about hair split ends. And by the way, I’ll give you some tips to deal with it.


Why hair split ends?

The outermost layer of the hair is the cuticle. When your cuticle is strong enough, it can be opened to allow nutrients in and nourish the hair well. At the same time, it can be closed tightly to prevent external aggression. However, once the external damage is too strong, the hair cuticle will be destroyed, and its protection for the hair core will no longer exist. At this time, the hair will gradually wither and split ends will develop. In addition, the cuticles are always in contact with the outside world including long-term sun exposure, towel wiping, hair dryer, bad washing and care habits, external traction and ultraviolet radiation. Then they will continue to wear and tear. Therefore, split ends happen to everybody and LaaVoo hair extensions, made of human hair, will also develop split ends.


How to slow down the split ends?

  • Keep hairdry naturally. In order to keep your hair in an ideal condition, after washing your hair, keep it dry naturally as long as possible, and avoid rubbing or wringing it with a dry towel, because this will seriously damage your hair. The correct way is to gently pat with a soft towel or cotton sheet to squeeze out excess water. If you must use a hair dryer, try to use the cool wind.
  • Use hair conditioner. Shampoo should be fully foamed before applied on the hair, and then remember to apply conditioner, which is an indispensable step in hair maintenance and can immediately replenish moisture for damaged hair. But do not apply the conditioner on the hair roots and wash it off with water.
  • Apply hair mask. Just like making a facial mask, which promotes the absorption of nutrients by the face. The hair can also be promoted by a hair mask which can lock the protein and moisture, so that the hair can absorb nutrients more. Wash the hair first, then apply the hair mask or oil products evenly on the hair without touching the scalp directly, wrap the hair with plastic wrap, steam with hot air for 15-20 minutes, and finally wash it off.
  • Cut off split ends in time.If there is a problem with split ends, it is recommended to cut off them. First, the split endsare very unsightly. Additionally, if the split ends are not cut, the hair will tangle frequently, which will lead to more split ends. Such a vicious circle is not conducive to the maintenance of hair. You’d better cut off 2-3 cm from the split point for a better effect.
  • Comb your hair before going to bed every day. Most people don’t have this habit, because we usually only focus on removing the dust from our face and body, but forget to brush the dust from our hair. In fact, the hair is covered with more dirt and dust than the body and face. Before going to bed, choose a smooth, wide-toothed wooden comb or a bristle combto comb your hair, which can not only clean up the dirt on the hair, but also help promote blood circulation in the scalp and improve sleep quality.However, be careful not to pull the hair hard when combing.
  • Pay attention to a balanced diet.The nutrients needed by hair are mainly three types, protein, vitamins and some trace elements. Protein constitutes the theme of hair, vitamins determine the health and normal metabolism of hair, and trace elements affect the structure and luster of hair. Appropriate supplementation of various vitamins and proteins is conducive to the growth of healthy hair. Foods such as black sesame, walnuts, and beans can also achieve the effect of strong hair.
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