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What is nano ring hair extensions

Nano ring hair extensions are a type of hair extension method that uses small, discreet rings or beads to attach the extensions to your natural hair. The rings are called "nano rings" because they are significantly smaller in size compared to traditional micro rings. They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, providing a more natural and seamless look.


  • Material: 100% Remy Human Hair

  • Hair Length: 14 Inch-22 Inch

  • Weight: 1g/strand| 50g/pack

  • Lifespan: Keep healthy for 3 months to 6 months.

  • Texture: Straight but can hold a curl or wave (using heat styling tools)

laavoo remy nano ring hair extensions

The Features

The Advantages Of Nano Ring Hair Extensions

  1. Small and Discreet: Nano ring hair extensions use tiny, lightweight rings or beads that are approximately 90% smaller than traditional micro rings. These smaller rings are discreet and virtually invisible, making them blend seamlessly with your natural hair. They provide a more natural look as the rings are less likely to be visible, even when your hair is tied up or styled.

  2. Secure and Long-Lasting: Nano rings are designed to hold the extensions securely in place. The rings are clamped tightly, ensuring that the extensions stay put and do not slip or slide. When properly applied and maintained, nano ring extensions can last for several months, providing you with long-lasting results.

  3. Minimal Damage: Nano ring hair extensions are considered to be a low-damage method of hair extension application. The rings are applied without the need for heat, glue, or chemicals, minimizing the potential damage to your natural hair. They do not require any adhesive removal or harsh solvents when it's time to remove the extensions.

  4. Reusable: Nano ring hair extensions can be reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective option in the long run. When it's time for maintenance or removal, the rings can be opened, and the extensions can be repositioned or reinstalled with new rings. This reusability factor adds value and saves you money compared to purchasing new extensions for each application.

  5. Suitable for Various Hair Types: Nano ring hair extensions are suitable for different hair types, including fine and thin hair. The small size of the rings makes them less noticeable and less likely to cause strain on the hair. They can also be used to add volume and thickness to thicker hair types.

  6. Comfortable to Wear: Nano ring hair extensions are designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The small rings are gentle on the scalp and hair, causing minimal discomfort or tension. They do not put excessive pressure on your natural hair, making them suitable for individuals with finer or more fragile hair.

How To Use

How To Install Nano Ring Hair Extensions

  1. Prepare your hair: Start with clean, dry, and tangle-free hair. Comb or brush through your natural hair to ensure it's smooth and free from knots.

  2. Section your hair: Divide your hair into small, horizontal sections using hair clips or elastics. Start from the nape of your neck and work your way up towards the crown.

  3. Take a small section of hair: Release the first section of hair and take a small strand of your natural hair. The section should be slightly smaller than the nano ring.

  4. Thread the nano ring: Slide a nano ring onto a hook tool or a looping tool designed specifically for nano ring extensions. Ensure that the nano ring is open and ready to receive the hair.

  5. Insert your natural hair: Take the small section of hair and thread it through the opened nano ring, close to the roots. Be careful not to pull or tug too tightly to avoid discomfort or damage to your natural hair.

  6. Attach the extension: Slide the tip of the hair extension (previously prepared with a nano ring attached) through the same nano ring that your natural hair is threaded through. Make sure the extension tip is securely positioned inside the nano ring.

  7. Secure the nano ring: Hold the nano ring firmly and use a pair of nano ring pliers to close the ring. This will clamp the ring, securing both your natural hair and the extension in place. Ensure the ring is closed tightly but not too tight to avoid discomfort.

  8. Repeat the process: Release the next section of hair and repeat steps 3 to 7 until all the desired extensions are installed. Work your way up towards the crown of your head, maintaining even spacing between the extensions.

  9. Blend and style: Once all the extensions are installed, gently comb through your hair to blend the extensions with your natural hair. Style your hair as desired, taking care to avoid excessive tension on the extensions.

how to apply nano ring human hair extensions steps to install hair

Q: How long do nano ring hair extensions last?

A: The lifespan of nano ring hair extensions can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the extensions, how well they are maintained, and the rate of natural hair growth. On average, they can last between 3 to 6 months with proper care and maintenance.

Q: Can I install nano ring hair extensions by myself?

A: While it's possible to install nano ring hair extensions on your own, it's generally recommended to seek the assistance of a professional hair extension specialist. They have the expertise and tools to ensure a proper and secure application.

Q: Are nano ring hair extensions damaging to my natural hair?

A: When applied correctly and maintained properly, nano ring hair extensions are considered to be a low-damage hair extension method. The small rings distribute the weight of the extensions evenly, reducing the strain on your natural hair.

Q: Can I style my hair with heat tools when wearing nano ring extensions?

A: Yes, you can style your hair with heat tools while wearing nano ring extensions. However, it's important to use heat protectant products and apply heat carefully to avoid damage to the extensions and your natural hair.

Q: How often should I go for maintenance with nano ring hair extensions?

A: Maintenance appointments for nano ring hair extensions are typically scheduled every 4 to 8 weeks. During these appointments, a professional will assess the condition of the extensions, reposition any loose rings, and ensure they are still secure and blending well with your natural hair.

Q: Can I swim or shower with nano ring hair extensions?

A: It's generally recommended to avoid swimming or showering with nano ring hair extensions, especially in chlorinated or saltwater. Excessive moisture can weaken the bonds and cause premature loosening of the rings. If you do get them wet, it's important to thoroughly dry them afterward.

Q: How do I remove nano ring hair extensions?

A: Nano ring hair extensions should be removed by a professional hair extension specialist. They will use specialized tools to open the rings and carefully release the extensions from your natural hair without causing damage.

Q: Can I reuse nano ring hair extensions?

A: In most cases, nano ring hair extensions can be reused. The extensions can be repositioned using new nano rings during maintenance appointments, allowing you to enjoy the extensions for an extended period of time.

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LaaVoo hair extensions are made with 100% Real human hair which can be styled and washed just like your own hair. With proper care hair extensions can lasts 6-12 months or more, depending on the amount of wear too. Keep in mind, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be. Try to keep washing and product use to a minimum and follow our recommended at-home, expert hair care tips below.
  • Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain parabens and sulfates.
  • For "Stylist Method" hair extensions wash 2-3 times per week; For "DIY" hair extensions wash every 5 wears.
  • Unlike your own hair, hair extensions don’t have a natural hydration source from the oils on your scalp. To hydrate, apply a moisturizing hair mask 1 time per week. Apply a mask from mids to ends of hair only, never at the scalp. 
  • Allow hair to air dry whenever possible to minimize heat exposure and damage. 
  • Before applying heat, use a heat-protecting spray.
  • Brush your hair 2-3 times a day to keep your extensions tangle-free. 
  • Never sleep with wet hair. 
how to care hair extensions

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