FAQs of hand tied weft extensions

Q: How long do hand-tied weft extensions typically last?

A: With good and proper care, the hand tied weft extensions can last up to a year. You can extend its longevity by not washing it as often as your natural hair. 

Q: Can you cut hand tied weft?

A: No. Because the hand tied weft extensions are sewn by hand, if cut it will cause the weft to unravel

Q: How often do I need to move up or adjust hand-tied weft extensions?

A: The frequency of adjustments or maintenance depends on the rate of your natural hair growth and the type of installation method used. On average, hand-tied weft extensions may require adjustment every 6 to 8 weeks to keep them securely in place.

Q: Can hand-tied weft extensions be reused?

A: In most cases, hand-tied weft extensions can be reused after removal. The wefts can be reinstalled with new beads or thread, as long as the extensions are in good condition and have been properly cared for.

Q: Are hand-tied weft extensions suitable for fine or thin hair?

A: Yes, hand-tied weft extensions can be a great option for fine or thin hair. They provide added volume and thickness while minimizing the risk of strain on the natural hair when installed and maintained correctly.

Q: Can I swim or exercise with hand-tied weft extensions?

A: Yes, you can swim and exercise with hand-tied weft extensions. However, it's recommended to tie your hair back or wear a swim cap to protect the extensions from prolonged exposure to chlorine or sweat. After swimming or exercising, rinse the extensions thoroughly and allow them to air dry.


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