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Which Hair Extension to Wear on Women's Day?

On Women's Day, be yourself who is not defined. One of the most loved parts about March is the beauty. That's an excuse to add more glam makeup and gorgeous...

On Women's Day, be yourself who is not defined. One of the most loved parts about March is the beauty. That's an excuse to add more glam makeup and gorgeous hair extensions in the lead-up to Women's Day. If you're looking for an easy and versatile hairstyle and makeup look that can be worn for almost any occasion, read on.

1. Delicate yet casual makeup - Medium Length to Long Hair

If you are attending a family gathering, delicate and casual makeup is the most suitable. The look is feminine and subtle, sophisticated enough to look like you're trying, yet casual enough not to look formal. Perfect for drinking cocoa while playing Yahtzee with your in-laws and "the whole family". CLIP INS are a perfect match for this because of its quality of hair and the convenience of a quick on and off in minutes.
Medium Length to Long Hair

2. Fashionable and elegant makeup - Short Bun

Short buns are the most suitable for formal occasions. This is a modern take on the classic bun - sleek, sophisticated and elegant. If you have a great outfit, this is a great style that doesn't distract you from your get up, show off your face, and make you shamelessly show off your shoulders and décolletage. At this time, you will especially need HAIR WEFT, which can be sewn on your own hair invisible. Even if you put it in a bun, you can't see it, and it is very strong.
Short Bun

3. Party makeup - Hair in Multiple Colors

What a festivus party with the gang without brightly colored hair. I highly recommend #1B/SILVER/1B HAIR EXTENSIONS so you and your hair don't just have one color. Of course, you can also dye the blonde on top to other colors. #60 and #1000 hair are also good choices, you can dye it any color you want. BALAYAGE HAIR is also a very good choice.
Hair in Multiple Colors

4. Holiday brunch or daytime party look - High Ponytail

The fresh, natural look is super versatile for brunch, shopping, crafting, or any other holiday activity you may have. Whether you have straight or curly hair, a neat ponytail is a chic look that will instantly give you an organized look that will never go out of style. If you want to get your ponytail done as quickly as possible (as smooth as possible), a good tip is to use a PONYTAIL EXTENSION, which will give a better reference point for the ponytail to start on and add some volume to the updo. It's so simple, yet so cute.
High Ponytail

5. Red lips makeup for the party - Long Hair like a Shawl

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip at a gala. While very simple to achieve, the look is elegant enough to wear with a gown or sparkly dress. TAPE INS are the best way to get your hair styled quickly and look great. Easy and quick installation, invisible strong tape, smooth and soft hair is your best stylist at the party.
Long Hair like a Shawl
Women's Day, I define myself! Whether it's makeup or hairdos, it's up to you. Love our hair, enjoy your life!
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