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What Are Flat Silk Weft Hair Extensions?

When you walk into a hair styling shop or factory, you will quickly notice the new popular hair styling system - flat silk weft hair extensions. They are now every...

When you walk into a hair styling shop or factory, you will quickly notice the new popular hair styling system - flat silk weft hair extensions. They are now every girl's favorite hair product. These hair products are instant, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
LaaVoo Hair will show you a more in-depth look at these flat wefts here. Some wearers have commented that this type of hair is a remarkable genre in the hair accessories industry.


What are flat silk weft hair extensions?

Flat silk weft is also called virgin pu weft, which is a weft sealed by an ultra-thin piece of silk base. Typically, these flat silk weft hair extensions are thin, about 1mm thick and about 10mm wide. Flat silk weft was first appeared in 2018 and quickly became a favorite among women. It is a thinned out form of human hair weft. To avoid the hair fall problem, the manufacturer added double stitching to make it stronger. The hair extensions are completely safe to tie securely around your head as they are silicone free and made of pure human hair. All cuticles are left intact to mimic the look of natural locks.

flat silk weft

The most prominent feature of the hair is that there are no short hair and no return hair. If you buy normal hair wefts, you can see that there are many short hair strands on the hair wefts. But it doesn't appear in this flat silk weft. During the crafting process, artisans remove short strands, ranging from 16 to 24 inches. It provides the same flawless look as your existing hair. This is also the reason why many customers like and choose to wear this hair.
What's more, when you apply it properly, the hair will lie flat on the head. It blends with your creature hair for a realistic look. Because flat silk weft hair extensions are so thin, they are hard to spot. Another key advantage is that you can design and cut the weft according to the look you want.


How to distinguish flat silk weft vs normal weft?

When we talk about “weft” hair, there are variations of how these wefts are made and look. Hand-tied wefts, machine wefts and flat silk wefts are often confused to be the same at first glance because they look quite similar. However, there are key differences between the three.

– Return short hair: Normal wefts, such as machine weft or hand-tied weft, appear with short hair on the top. But flat silk wefts are the late version as well as the innovation on the basis of common wefts. Hence, this hair appears without return short hair.
– The thickness of the hair weft: Flat silk weft hair extensions are ultra-thin which is 30% thinner than the common wefts. They are extremely flat and flexible silk. Machine weft is the thickest one.  
– Lightweight and convenient: For flat silk weft, there is a piece of silk attached to the top of the weft. While other common wefts look a bit bulky.

three different types of wefts

flat silk weft is thinner


What are the advantages of flat silk weft?

  • Flat Thin Pu Top: 30% thinner than machine weft.
  • More Comfortable: No return short hair on the top, more comfortable on head.
  • Cut Freely: Accept cut freely to meet user's needs. No shedding even cutting.
  • No Tangle, No Knotted: Silk solified the weft firmly, strong and won't tangle easily.

the advantages of Flat silk weft


How to apply flat silk weft?

Four ways to apply hair flat weft:

1. Directly Sew: Sew weft directly into your hair, gather your hair in a ponytail that sits very close to your scalp. Then, sew the seam of the hair piece directly to it.
2. With Micro Rings: Fasten the tapes to the seam of the weft, glue the hair pieces into your hair, using tape allows you to attach hair extensions that will last for months so that you can enjoy them day and night.
3. With Glue: Using beads allows you to attach hair extensions strands by strands and fasten your own hair with micro silicon beads.
4. With Clips: Sew the small clips onto the weft, using clips allows you to attach the extensions to your hair just seconds. You can also easily remove them at any time.

Four ways to apply hair flat weft

Flat silk weft hair extensions have become among the most popular type of hair systems. Its cost is high compared to normal wefts, but it is a long term investment. Also, it gives a natural look. You can find this hair in most hair stores or salons. Change your hair with perfect length and volume as you desired. We highly recommend you buy 100g-150g of hair to make a full-thick hairstyle.

Check all colors of Flat Weft Hair.

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