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How to Properly Care for Your Topper?

All toppers at LaaVoo are 100% human hair. Remy toppers can last 4-9 months with good care. So do you know how to take care of your topper properly? In...

All toppers at LaaVoo are 100% human hair. Remy toppers can last 4-9 months with good care. So do you know how to take care of your topper properly? In this article we'll take a closer look at how to care for a topper, what to avoid and some advice.

How to Wash hair topper

(1) Frequency

How often you wash your topper depends on how often you wear it. For daily use, I recommend washing every 2-4 weeks, depending on your activity level.
If your topper contains any silicone inside the cap, it is recommended to wipe the silicone with soapy water or alcohol wipes every 1-2 wears.

(2) Preparation

  • Warm/cold water
  • Wig stand
  • Drying towel
  • Wide-Toothed Comb
  • High Quality Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Salon-Quality Hydrating Conditioner/Hydrating Conditioning Hair Mask

wig stand

(3) Washing Process

  1. Run the piece under the tap or shower to wet hair.
  2. Take a 2p size blob of your shampoo of choice and massage gently into hair. Do not rub or scrub your hair as this can tangle your hair. Don't worry if you get shampoo on the hat, it won't damage the knots.
  3. Rinse off with running water. Shampoo twice if you feel the need. This may take longer than you would normally rinse the hair on your head.
  4. Apply your hair mask or conditioner to your topper. The most important thing to note here is that you should only apply conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair—not the roots. You have to keep it away from the knots as it will loosen them and the hair may fall out of your top hat.
  5. After the conditioner stays on the hair for 8-10 minutes, rinse it off with running water. The reason for rinsing in this way is to prevent tangles.
  6. Use a dry towel to squeeze out excess water on the topper, but don't rub it! Use a hair dryer if you're really in a hurry, but blow your topper with cool air.
  7. Hang the topper to dry on your wig stand.
  8. Smooth out your topper with a wide-toothed comb.

(4) Tips

  • Do not rub conditioner directly onto the scalp area or to any part of the cap as this may cause the knots to loosen over time.
  • Be aware that protein-based hair products like Olaplex can dry out and break down the keratin bonds of the hair on your topper or wig, and can potentially cause matting.
  • If your topper contains any lace, be extra delicate around the lace when washing and styling etc.
  • When washing a topper, make sure all of the clips are closed before you begin.
  • If you try to dry your piece on a closed wig head, e.g. polystyrene or canvas, it will take longer to dry and might make the cap and stand a bit smelly and soggy.
  • Do not brush the hair when it is wet, as it will damage the hair.

2. How to Style?

Make sure you use heat protection spray whenever you use a heat styling product on your piece. All products used on your topper should be salon quality.
You can use any heat tools designed for human hair on your topper, this includes a hair dryer, curling tongs and hair straighteners but be sure to use a low heat setting and a salon quality heat protectant. Heat tools will lessen the life of the piece. The less heat you use, the longer your piece can feel like new. It is recommended that your piece is styled on a block head (mannequin head) with clamp or a cork wig head. This will make styling your topper much easier. Using the T-Pins secure your piece to the head. Ensure the pins are placed through the clips, or strong material on the wefts. Never push the T-Pins through the silk area or lace area.
It is safe to use other products, like hair spray, on your piece. Be mindful not to overdo it and also to wash the product out well. It is not recommended to use colour sprays or root sprays as this will discolour the silk/lace material and can ruin the texture of the hair.
When brushing, be mindful not to tug too hard on any of the tangles. Go gentle. Use a paddle brush, not a fine-tooth comb. Always start brushing from the bottom of the hair and gently work your way up.

3. Other Advice.

(1) About storage

  • Store your topper on a mannequin head when it’s not in use to help keep its shape.
  • Do not store your topper in direct sunlight, as this can cause the colour to oxidise (lighten).
  • Store with the clips closed and tangle-free.
  • Any size mannequin head will work for toppers.
  • Your topper can also be stored in a box if you don’t intend to hang out every day.

(2) About cutting

  • Avoid blunt cuts
  • Avoid the use of 'thinning scissors'
  • Cut the length while it’s being worn on your head
  • For fringes/bangs, ensure your bio hair is all pinned back before cutting
  • Thin the hair out by sectioning out layers, so the top doesn’t end up too heavy and 80s-mullet-like (even though we hear retro is making a comeback!)

(3) About coloring

  • Use highest quality salon grade colour products.
  • Always apply a test strand before performing any colour work.
  • It is recommended not to lighten or bleach the hair.
  • Lighter toppers can be darkened by a trained stylist to add darker roots, lowlights or a reverse balayage.
  • It is suggested to use up to 1.9% peroxide.
  • If colouring, do not leave the topper unattended as they take colour very quickly. Check colour progress regularly.
  • Be careful with colour around the scalp material. If concerned, Vaseline petroleum jelly can be used to coat the silk material and washed out later. Alternatively, we suggest applying a test patch of colour to the back of the crown silk area.
  • Please rinse colour out thoroughly. In the unlikely instance where the silk top stains should come out after a few washes and with time, just caution this.


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