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Hair Styling? In The Morning!

How to prepare a satisfying hairstyle in the morning? Here are some recommendations of easy going out hairstyles for work, parties, even Burning Man Festival!Sometimes we're wearing full makeup and the hottest clothes...

How to prepare a satisfying hairstyle in the morning?

Here are some recommendations of easy going out hairstyles for work, parties, even Burning Man Festival!
Sometimes we're wearing full makeup and the hottest clothes of the season, however it just seems not the dazzling you that you imagined. Actually, besides makeup and dress, hairstyle is a very impressive part that unconsciously affect your whole look, just like when we see the stars’ hairstyle on the red carpet.
So if you want an effortless but gorgeous look, let’s do it next morning!

  1. Back-combed Updo

    The pronoun of romantic and elegant. No matter what your hair type or length,it’s work-appropriate and looks like you haven’t tried too hard.
    Back-combed updo
    Backcombing the underside of your hair and smoothing down the top results in natural-looking volume.
    Create a loose ponytail, then wrap it around into a bun and pin it.  
    Use the side strands, twist them around the knot and pin them back so that they appear to intertwine with your bun.

  2. Braid & Ponytail

     If you’re looking for going out hairstyles for long hair, then take a look at one of our favourites which works on both long and short hair.
    Braid & Ponytail
    Braid a small section of hair on the side.
    Gather a section of your hair from one side and start making a braid.
    Do this on the other side.  
    Tie the two braids at the back of your head using an elastic.

  3. Beach Waves

    All kinds of curls are the easiest and instant change can be created on hair, casually scattered or tied to a princess head. They are very good-looking, super suitable for temperament and gentle girls. It also doubles the volume of hair immediately and gives your face a good shape. Easy curly blow dry tutorial all for you in the comfort of your home.
    Divide hair into one-inch sections. Curl and wrap each section around the wand, starting about two inches away from your roots.
    Wrap the hair around the wand, away from the face in each section.
    Leave the ends out so that the last inch or two isn’t curled.
    When all the sections are curled, use your fingers to comb through each section and break up the curls.

  4. Sleek Ponytail 

    This glam, slick-looking ponytail is the perfect addition to any chic day/night-out look.
    Sleek Ponytail
    Just like when you make a updo, wrapping a section of hair around it and pin it.Then you’ll get it.
    Some short hair beside the sides of your face builds up a more natural look!

  5. Headband

    Curls and pearls are great decorations for the Paris style. You can even go for brunch or dinner with it.
    Brush through your hair to remove tangles.
    Part some hair as you want, slide the headband into over your hair.
    Position it so it rests approximately ½ inch (1.27 cm) from your hairline, and adjust your hair as you like, such as pulling it over your ears or pushing it behind them.
    If you have bangs, you can use the headband to push them back and hold them off your face.

  6. Half Up, Half Down

    Half-up Ponytail can’t be easier for going out hairstyles.
    Whether your hair is wavy or straight, there's only one step, separate the hair and tie it up! Cute clips also do good hair styling!

  7. Braid & Wave

    This must be a super cute hairstyle to get for all girls!
    Braid & Wave
    Creating a deep side parting, braid the side with more hair the night before (unwrap and brush lightly the next day) or curl this part of your hair with curling tongs the next day.
    For the rest, braid the other section of your hair and twist it around about 3 times and use a bobby pin to secure it at the back of your head or side of face in the morning.  
    Wearing your braids to bed won't damage your hair as long as you don't make them too tight.

  8. Princess Half Up 

    Traditionally it's called a princess hairstyle. It remains elegant till now.
    Princess Half Up
    Take two small front sections from both sides of your part.
    Loosely twist or braid back behind or over your ears.
    Pin above the lower half of your hair at the nape of your neck.
    Even a small step, finer details of your hair can help you stand out and be picture-perfect. Going out with a nice haircut every day in the morning can not only improve your temperament, but also offer you a better mood, make you feel that you're taking life seriously. To add the volume of your hair, make it look thick, choose us!

    We provide 100% REAL human hair, all products here to help you with hair styling!
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