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How to choose the right hair extension on Black Friday?

Although there are high-quality hair-receivers on the market, various factors need to be considered before buying. How do I know which type of hair extension is right for me? What...

Although there are high-quality hair-receivers on the market, various factors need to be considered before buying. How do I know which type of hair extension is right for me? What is the difference between different types of hair extensions? Through observation and consideration, you can further understand the types, advantages and disadvantages of sending and receiving. This blog highlights the vital information that will be useful when buying hair extensions. 


1. Tape in hair extensions

 The advantages:

    ☆ Quick installation: Tape-ins bring the average time for getting extensions down from several hours to as little as 30 minutes.

      ☆ Damaged-hair friendly: It’s a lot more difficult for stylists to cause damage to a client’s hair with tape-in extensions. They are ideal for clients recovering from the aftermath of severe color breakage.Additionally, it's a lot more difficult for clients to cause damage to tape-in extensions at home during their everyday wear and tear on their hair.

      ☆ Natural appearance: Tape-in extensions are very flat, which results in a more natural look overall when installed.

         The disadvantages:

          ☆ Some maintenance required: If you like to roll out of bed and run out the door, tape-in extensions may cramp your style in that regard. We recommend brushing through them at least three times a day with a brush that won't tug on the tape.

            ☆ Haircare routine changes: Washing every day isn't a good idea with tape-ins. Just don’t allow much water or friction to hit your hair. A good dry shampoo will be your new best friend.


              2. Pre Bonded Hair

               The advantages:

                ☆ Will add length and volume to hair.

                  ☆ Can be customised to match or enhance the client's hair colour. Individual strands mean a mix of colours can be used to add highlights and lowlights.

                    ☆ This method does not require the maintenance appointments that other ftting techniques do. Meaning no maintenance costs which is a bonus to those on a budget. If worn for some time, 'top up' appointments are arranged, during which bundles of new strands added to thicken the overall look.

                        ☆ Virgin pre-bonded hair extensions can last for around 6-12 months with effective aftercare.

                          The disadvantages:

                            ☆ The application of this method requires heat to melt and fuse the bonds to the hair, whereas other methods require no heat or whatsoever. The removal differs from other methods also. Removal requires an Acetone solution to break down the bonds to remove. The use of heat and a chemical solution can be harsh on natural hair. Ensure you always visit a professional for extension application and removal.

                              ☆ Keratin is not invincible, heat and product should be used lightly around the bonds. Heat can melt the bonds and cause them to slip and even fall out, so as with all methods take care with straighteners and tongs to avoid damage. Equally, a product such as a conditioner or an argan oil can break down the keratin causing them to become 'squishy' and loose. Only apply conditioner or moisturising products to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to avoid lubricating and damaging the bonds.

                                ☆ Unlike other hair extensions methods, the hair cannot be used more than once.

                                  3. Sew in Wefts

                                   The advantages:

                                    ☆ It protects your hair from heat damage. With weft hair extensions, it can keep away the heat underneath that beautiful natural hair, with our hair safe from all that damaging heat.

                                      ☆ Great for growing out your hair. When you don’t do anything wrong with your hair, it prevents tension and breakage, which helps your hair grow considerably beautiful and natural. If you aren’t quite satisfied with the length of your hair or your haircut, just definitely use weft hair extension. Just be sure to moisturise your natural hair underneath.

                                        ☆ It makes your hair stronger and durable. Not all hair extension methods are right for you to apply in your hair. Some create breakage, breaking your natural hair beyond repair. Weft hair extensions look natural, and if the braids are done correctly, then your hair will have the chance to not only grow longer but stronger and durable.

                                          ☆ Achieve a Beautiful Long Hair. If you have difficulty growing your hair or obtaining the desired length, hair extensions can give you those long bonds you’ve been longing for. With weft hair extension, achieve beautiful long hair. Look stunning with naturally long hair.

                                            The disadvantages:

                                              ☆ Sew-in hair extensions are not suitable for those who have thin hair. The hair needs to be braided near the roots and then the extensions need to be sewn in, which is why these extensions can weigh your hair down if you have thin hair. They can also greatly damage your hair if it's thin. Therefore, if you have thin hair, you should look into buying other types of hair extensions.  Therefore, it's very important that the person who's applying hair extensions is highly experienced. This way, you won't have to face such issues.

                                                ☆ Washing and cleaning sew-in hair extensions is somewhat hard. Since your natural hair remains braided during the time that the hair extensions are on, a lot of bacteria and build-up from products can accumulate in the braids, causing a lot of discomforts. Therefore, you need to wash your hair regularly and you need to spend a good amount of time washing it to make sure that the shampoo penetrates the braid and reaches the scalp to get every bit of dirt or product build-up.

                                                  4. Clip in Hair Extensions

                                                   The advantages:

                                                    ☆ Clip In Extensions only need to be worn when wanted/required then removed before bed. This option is convenient for those who play a lot of sport or tie their hair up on a regular basis.They are easy to apply, making them ideal for those new to extensions or those who don't style their hair often.

                                                      ☆ They can be styled out of the head, meaning no rush to curl/straighten your hair in the morning. Why not style the night before and apply when needed?

                                                        ☆ They're quick! They can be applied to the hair in minutes, meaning no lengthy fitting and maintenance appointments that arise with other methods of fitted extensions.

                                                          ☆ Perfect for holidays, events, and weddings. If you want to make your hair a little more special for a special day - extensions are a great option.

                                                            The disadvantages:

                                                              ☆ You must remove clip-in hair extensions when sleeping and when washing your hair. These extensions are not permanent, leaving them in for too long or during washing can cause damage to your hair and potentially tangle in with your hair. They are not a permanent method. Wearing in the same position each day can cause stress and tension in the section of hair the clip is attached to. Try to vary where you place the clips and backcomb/tease your hair before applying, this provides extra support.

                                                                ☆ Clip-in extensions cannot be customised like individual extensions. Other methods of extensions such as Micro Rings and Nano Rings allow you to mix several colors to create a bespoke blend. However, if you purchase human hair extensions they can be highlighted/dyed by a professional.

                                                                  ☆ If never worn before, it may take you some practice to learn where to place the clip in wefts correctly to tie hair up into a ponytail and style to appear undetectable.

                                                                  The advantages and disadvantages of different types of receiving and sending are described above. If you want to buy hair extensions, sometimes you still have to spend some time considering the type, durability, length, texture, color, and budget of the hair. There are so many factors to consider, but it doesn’t matter, we will help you. As long as you have any questions, we will answer you the first time. Hurry up and join us this Black Friday!


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