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Are you ready for the Christmas party?

Christmas is a special time for all of us, and you're going to want to look your best when Santa arrives, right? This year, don't let your hair get messy...

Christmas is a special time for all of us, and you're going to want to look your best when Santa arrives, right? This year, don't let your hair get messy for the most memorable night. We've rounded up people's favorite Christmas hairstyles that will get you in the festive spirit this year.

Find the right hairstyle for you and your sweet girl right here!

1. Simple Wavy Hair

Classic curls or waves are timeless and always elegant. Curls add a touch of classy Hollywood glamor unmatched by any other hairstyle; add a headband or barrette for extra Christmas sparkle. If your hair looks flat or lacks volume, curls are a great option, as waves give it a little extra bounce.

Waves are perfect if you want to look like a fairy tale princess on Christmas Eve. With so many styles in this category, you can create the unique look you want. The best part about this hairstyle is that no hot tools are required to get the look. Simply apply a styling lotion to wet hair and let dry in two or three braids for easy, unbelievably wavy curls. Regardless, I recommend you choose the method that works best for your hair type. Last but not least, if you choose to create the perfect wave hairstyle for Christmas, you must have a lot of hair, and it is inevitable to resort to hair extensions at this time.

Then you can add some thin hair of other colors to the hair, or decorations like clips.

Simple Wavy Hair

Model's hair: Tape ins #1b/silver/1b

Hair Extensions Suggestions: Tape Ins, Clip Ins, Machine Weft


2. Smooth straight hair

Straight hair is foolproof! It will always keep your outfit looking clean and elegant - the perfect back style for bold or vibrant looks. For extremely smooth straight hair, we recommend high-quality human hair that looks textured and classy.

Smooth straight hair can make you stand out at the party, and its smooth texture makes your hair say goodbye to rough and frizzy hair. It would be even better if it could be used with hair care essential oils.

Smooth straight hair

Model's hair: Flower Injection Tape Ins #3/8/22

Hair Extensions Suggestions: Injection Tape Ins, Flower Injection Tape Ins, Hair Topper


3. Hair Ponytail

Practical, classy and chic, the ponytail is always a good idea. This hairstyle for Christmas in 2022 is perfect for day or night, and it looks awesome both during the afternoon meetings and evening cocktails. The hair can be flawlessly straightened or even wavy, detailed with a hair wrap around the ponytail’s base.

Then you can make the end of your ponytail perfectly connected with your dress, and then use a blingbling headband to complete the Christmas party decoration.

Hair Ponytail

Model's hair: Ponytail #18/613

Hair Extensions Suggestions: Ponytail


4. Braids

There’s one classic thing you can rob from french women: their elegance. More specifically, their impeccably put-together hairstyle. Well, if you’re planning to go to a classy event this Christmas, a french twist might fit your elegant dress.

A French twist updo is a stylish idea for a more formal event, but you can do it only if you’ve got long or medium length hair. This Christmas hairstyle has a great advantage: as it’s light enough, it will easily last the whole night long, and you can enjoy the party without checking the mirror very often.

Another one, the bohemian braids are best known for their effortless, carefree vibes and party-inspired styles. There are combinations of twists, partial updos, and even messy braids, all of them creating a beautiful bohemian hairstyle. Be creative this year and get yourself one of the best hairstyles for Christmas.

bohemian braids

Model's hair: U Tip #18/613

Hair Extensions Suggestions: I tip, U tip


5. Side-Swept Hairstyle

Being the most often seen hairstyle on the red carpet, the side-swept, be it the whole hair or just the bangs, tends to be one of the cutest Christmas hair ideas during the cold season this year.

This Christmas hair idea will keep you looking fresh, no matter the time of the day. What’s more, the side-swept hair highlights the jawline, making you look more skinny and also accentuates your jewelries. So, if you’ve got the perfect earrings this Christmas, be ready to wear them with a side-swept.

Side-Swept Hairstyle

Model's hair: Hand Tied Weft #4/27/4

Hair Extensions Suggestions: Hand Tied Weft, Flat Silk Weft

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