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Keep away from hair tangle, you need to do these.

Wondering why your hair tangles so easily? There are lots of reasons why hair gets tangled:Hair texture, the length, the condition and healthiness of the hair, the weather (windy days,...

As we all know, one of the most frustrating things about having long hair (other than it taking forever to dry) is having to constantly deal with knots and tangles. Not only is it time-consuming but can also be quite painful and damaging.

  Wondering why your hair tangles so easily? There are lots of reasons why hair gets tangled:Hair texture, the length, the condition and healthiness of the hair, the weather (windy days, yikes!), as well as the frequency of brushing.

  If you are confused by these hair problem, then this blog post is for you. Read on for our best tips on how to detangle your hair and minimize knots.

  Whether we like it or not, our hair as well as hair extensions will tangle. While there isn’t a magic formula on how to get rid of tangles forever, there are some things you can do to minimize tangling and the damage that comes from detangling your hair.

 1.Brush your hair frequently.

Tip to keep hair from tangle- Brush hair frequently

 For medium-length and long hair, use a wide tooth comb (or a special detangling brush) is a much better idea than a Fine one, especially when taking your hair's health into consideration. Not only will it remove the tangles more efficiently, but you will also protect your hair from tearing and damage.

You can brush the hair after blowed by the strong wind outdoor, or after put down your braid, especially before shower or sleeping. This helps stop knots from forming . PS: Avoid brushing wet hair.

Start at the bottom of the knot, and patiently work your way up until it is combed out completely. You can also divide your hair into 2-4 sections, and gently work your comb through each section. 

2.Doing hair mask at least one time per week.

Tip to keep hair from tangle- Using Hair masks at least once per week.

Doing a hair mask at least once a week, even if it’s just for 30 minutes, will significantly improve the condition of your hair.  If you aren't willing to spend more time doing a hair mask, it’s time to reconsider . Hair masks are quick, highly potent treatments that restore the hair with moisture and lost nutrients, leaving it silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangling overall.

One of our all time favorite natural hair treatments is Pure Coconut Oil. Leave it in for 30 minutes before your shower or overnight, wash it out with shampoo and enjoy gloriously smooth and silky, hydrated hair.

 3. Always condition after shampooing.

This is the most basic knowledge of hair protection and the most basic way of hair care. Massage a generous amount of conditioner into your hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Use your fingers to remove any knots you encounter. After working through all of the snarls, lightly pull a wide-tooth comb through your hair. The conditioner should help the comb glide smoothly through your tresses. If your hair is thick, coarse or tightly curled, try conditioning twice and using a leave-in treatment.

4.Use heated tools less

Tip to keep hair from tangle- Using heated tools less

 This might be uneasy to overcome for who use heat tools frequently.  But be careful. Heating hair like straighten, curl your hair, even constantly blow-dry in high temperature will let your hair strands and extensions exposed to too much heat! This inevitably leads to your hair dry and dull. And as we already know, dry hair is more prone to tangling. If you can't live without your hot tools, we recommend to at least use your hot tools on a low to medium temperature setting, and to always use a heat protectant before styling. 

5.Rinse your hair with cold water

 After a hot shower, your hair cuticles are open, which leads to frizz and tangling while drying. Rinsing your hair with cold water before you hop out of the shower will help to seal the cuticles, close them up, ensure they dry smoothly, which prevents tangling. Take it easy. You can just put the area that away from the head in the cold water, not your head or your body! I believe you can do that.

6.Protect your hair while you sleep

Tip to keep hair from tangle- Using smooth pillowcase

Did you know that hair can also get tangled while you sleep? This is due to the friction of your hair against the pillow when you toss and turn. To avoid this, we can do some small change. First, you can loosely braid your hair and tie it before sleeping, or tie your hair up in a loose bun.

Besides, Select your pillowcase with a smooth fabric like silk or polished cotton, or just choose smooth fabric to cover on your pillow. For cotton bedding, your hair can catch on cotton pillowcases causing snarling while you sleep. Abandon it.

7.Choose right hair product and suitable hair extensions.

Alcohol is really need more attention to avoid used as it dries out your hair, making it more prone to tangling. Instead, go for natural, sulfate and alcohol-free product.

High Quality Human Hair

If you trid different kinds of hair extensions, you must know that hair extensions are more fragile than your original hair and seem to be easier to tangle. Choosing a good hair extension product can reduce the damage of messy hair to your own hair. What type of hair extension products do you usually use?

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